0 Thank You to Our WWII Veterans on D-Day

Thank You to Our WWII Veterans on D-Day

Today is very personal to me. As we remember and honor all those who served in WWII and on this fated D-Day, I am remembering my grandfather, Wayne Ray, who was at Omaha Beach and at the Battle of the Bulge. He went home to be with the Lord a few years ago, but we will always remember him. Here is a tribute song I wrote that is available on iTunes in honor & gratitude of him & several family members and to say Thank You to all who sacrificed on our behalf. Please share with any who have served their country & those who have lost loved ones. Especially any WWII Veterans! We will never forget & we honor their sacrifice! You can listen for free using the player below or find links to purchase and download the single on the discography page.

0 Remember Their Sacrifice on Memorial Day

Please join me in saying Thank You to the brave men & women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and for others around the world. We honor you and remember your sacrifice on this Memorial Day. We pray that God would comfort & heal the broken hearts of those loved ones & families left behind.

This is a song that I wrote in honor of my grandfather, Wayne Ray, who served in WWII and as a Thank You to all who have served and given selfless sacrifice.

Though it might not seem enough
For those who’ve been left behind I know
My prayers are lifted up
God comfort them and heal their broken hearts, oh-oh
Grant them peace in time

Thank you
For all that you have given
Selfless sacrifice,
Paid the ultimate price
The life you set aside for mine
Thank You