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I’ve been busy lately getting the house ready for our new baby and haven’t had much time for songwriting but here is a new song finally! This song was inspired mostly by a quote that Bryan Duncan shared on twitter by Oswald Chambers which lead me to look up the full devotional the quote came from. Which in turn lead me to look up several scriptures and start writing this new song! Ha!

“Our misgivings begin within ourselves when we tell Jesus that our circumstances are just a little too difficult for Him.”
—Oswald Chambers

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0 New Lyric Video for “Stop the Sun”


Released: February 14, 2015

I finally finished a new lyric video for my song Stop the Sun. I wrote this song as a present to my wife for our 1st Anniversary back in 2010 and released the lyric video for Valentine’s Day this year. The video showcases snapshots of moments throughout our first year of marriage just like the song speaks of stopping the sun to freeze time and cherish those moments with those you love!

View lyric video for Stop the Sun.