0 Crawfordsville Community Church

Crawfordsville, OR

Crawfordsville Community Church
38353 Glass Street
Crawfordsville, OR
Time: 10am

I will be coming down to fellowship and lead worship with all the wonderful folks at Crawfordsville Community Church. It is always a pleasure to come and worship with you!

We will be trying some new songs tomorrow as well as some oldies. Here are the songs we will be doing:

  1. There’s A Joy (Lorn Dunn)
  2. Show Us Your Ways
  3. One Thing Remains (Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle & Christa Black)
  4. You Have Won Me (Brian Johnson, Joel Taylor)
  5. Lord, We Need You Now

0 Exchange Church

Forest Grove, OR

Exchange Church
2230 Pacific Ave
Forest Grove,OR 97116
Time: 10am

I was kindly invited to come out and fellowship and lead worship with all the wonderful folks at Exchange Church by Corby and his wife Jessica. I will be leading worship and sharing a few original songs as well. I am looking forward to meeting some new people and entering into His gates together in thanksgiving!

0 Beau LeBlanc & Debbie Lin’s Wedding

Calabasas, CA

I was asked by the bride and groom to sing a special song at their wedding ceremony. The song they selected to sing of their love is none other than “Till There Was You” from the Music Man and popularized by The Beatles. We’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather down in Redondo Beach for a few days but will be traveling to Calabasas for the ceremony tomorrow.

We are so happy for you both and so glad that we could come and be a part of your celebration of your new life together!

You can now watch a video of me performing the song at the wedding here: Till There Was You (Live at the LeBlanc Wedding)

0 Beau LeBlanc & Debbie Lin’s Rehearsal

Manhattan Beach, CA

This was a surprise to them so I didn’t post about it before but my aunt Cathy had requested that I share a special surprise song for their rehearsal dinner tonight. So unbeknownst to the bride and groom I prepared a special version of “Forever Young” made famous by Rod Stewart. I’ll try to post some photos later as I don’t have a sync license to upload any video. The rehearsal was held outside at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach just up the road from where they live in Redondo Beach. Wish we could stay and enjoy the beautiful weather a few more days!