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Original love song written for Nate & Rayleigh Leavitt’s wedding that tells their story in a quirky synthpop fashion. Think Owl City fights off a fire breathing dragon and rescues the lonely princess. This is a preview track from the next full length CD, “White”.

I’ve known Nate and Rayleigh for many years and we were all excited when Nate proposed! Finally, Rayleigh would have her fairy tale wedding and be rescued by her valiant knight in shining armor. They asked me to write a song to perform at their wedding on May 22, 2010 and this is the result. Rayleigh is a big fan of Owl City so Nick and I diverged a bit from my normal singer/songwriter acoustic guitar stylings and dove head-first into the quirky world of synthpop! A gihugenous thanks to Nick for working hard on this track around the clock without sleep so we could release it in time for their wedding!

I hope you enjoy this fun and hope filled love song. This song will be featured along with several other new songs on the full-length album “White” due out in 2013. Look for some more singles to be released in the coming months to preview more of the new album. Please join with me in wishing Nate and Rayleigh their much deserved Happy Ever After!


Happy Ever After

Purple twinge of twilight fading
Beneath your falling lashes
As you drift off to sleep
May your dreams of happy ever
After, filled with laughter,
Always start and end with me

When we met it wasn’t like
A fairy tale love at first sight
But over time our friendship grew
You saw I was genuine and loving
I found your gentle spirit
And that is how our love first bloomed

Happy ever after
That is all I’m after, after all
I’m so happy ever since we got together
You answered my heart’s call

I know I left you holding
Flower stems with petals falling
Yes he will, no he won’t, oh when will he?
I must beg you for forgiveness
For the doubts that clouded my thinking
It’s clearly you, will you please marry me?

I’m so happy, I’m so happy
I’m so happy, happy endings don’t just happen
In my dreams anymore

I know that we will have our share of good and hard times
Together we can fight off any dragons that might fly by
Though emotions can run hot and cold and dry
I’ll be your knight in shining armor till the end of time

Wedding song written for Nate & Rayleigh Leavitt (05-22-2010)

Copyright © 2010 Dawson Cowals.