0 I Am With You

I Am With You

Inspiration & Overview

I wrote this song on November 3, 2012 after being inspired by Cliff Graham‘s amazing book, “Day of War,” which is a fictional account of the battles and life of David and his mighty men. They are currently working on turning his book into an epic movie, and the action filled sequences from the pre-visualization work they have done helped inspire the tone and theme for this song. My dad turned me on to the books as he spent several weeks this past summer at the YWAM base in Kona working on the engineering plans and building of the new studio where the movie for “Day of War” will be produced. David L. Cunningham, who also directed the movie “To End All Wars,” will be producing and directing, along with screenwriter John Fusco, who penned the script for “Hidalgo.” You can check out more about the books and movie here:

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0 Stop the Sun

I wrote this song on December 2, 2009.

I wrote this song just before Christmas of 2009 to be a 1st wedding anniversary surprise for my wife, Jessica, as our anniversary was coming up in January of 2010. I kept it a secret from her and my good friend Nick Garrett-Powell and I got together down in Grants Pass a few days before Christmas to record it. We managed to record my guitar and vocals and Nick added a quick electric guitar, bass and programmed drum parts in less than a day, so that I could surprise Jessica with it on Christmas morning on her new iPod I had gotten for her.
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1 New Single “Thank You: A Military Tribute”

Thank You

Release Date: August 7, 2012

If Brandon Heath and Gary Sinise joined forces to create a military tribute song—this would be it. This song is an encouragement and thank you to all of our armed services that we are grateful for their service.

The new single, “Thank You: A Military Tribute”, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby!

This is a tribute song I wrote for our troops who serve and sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms of this country. Once again the amazing Nick Garrett-Powell recorded and produced this track as well as playing bass, electric guitar and singing harmonies. After more than 11 years I was able to join forces with the fantastic Jim Sitter on drums! Jim helped produce and play on many of my earlier recordings, the last being “Don’t Look Back”, and I was excited to be able to work with him again on this song.

We are planning on releasing an entire CD filled with similar tribute music, but this song will be featured early on my next full-length CD, “White.” This song is dedicated to my grandfather, Wayne Ray, who was with the 139th in WWII and my cousin, John Ray, who recently served in the Navy. Regardless of our feelings about the politics that might deploy them, we should thank and honor all of our troops for their service and sacrifice. Thank you to all of our armed services personnel!

“I know it’s not much, but this is all I have to say…

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